Hello (investing) world!

Welcome! I am jrv and I will be acting as the blog administrator.

You can contact me via this blog. If you wish I can give you instructions to add me on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook.

You may also directly add me on Skype, where my id is juanbarros, I do not have the habit to use it often, but the few times I do I like talking. I also use Twitter, mainly to post links I find interesting and keep a log of them. Feel free to follow me there if you wish.

So as you can see I am reachable and look forward to interact with intelligent investors. The goal is to learn, make money and, above all, have fun in the process. So I hope that we all can extract a lot of useful information here. In order to do that anyone can register, by default they will be able to post messages and anyone even registered or not can post comments. I personally will use this tool in order to keep a record of my investment history, of what I bought, at what price, why, etc… I also will use it to talk about any subject that interests me. Some of the reasons I write a blog and which have proven to me to be very profitable are:

- Until you sit down and put your thoughts on paper, they are simply that, random thoughts. Writing a blog requires to think about the issues you cover and what you are saying.
- Historical record of your thinking. Handy for looking back and seeing where you got it wrong, what traps you fell into.
- Comments by readers are good for challenging your thinking and your hypothesis.
- It’s a handy mechanism for drawing together many disparate subjects and issues in one place, which can help flush out some of the issues and relationships that you might have missed.
- It helps to classify your information by date, categories and tags, before doing it I had lots of data but it was difficult to access, now I can very rapidly access information over time on any subject keeping track of my investment history. This has proven to be extremely important.

So as an example to start with, I will tell you that today I added one Google share @522.6 to my increasing collection of 4 shares , so now I have 5 Google shares, type A, non voting, for an average price of 432! Anyways, it’s almost nothing and a much smaller amount than my biggest investments (which you can follow here) but I am seriously considering to add much much more if it keeps on falling, since it is now starting to seem to be finally reasonably valued and because it is a great company, great culture, great research, amazing sales, space to grow and with lots of new seeds that can raise multi billion dollar trees ! But it is an amazing business without the new seeds anyways !

Additionally today I reduced 25 wdc shares sold @39.52 and sold one may covered call, strike 42 because I would not mind reducing more if it approaches 43 by mid may. Still holding 865 wdc shares, its still twice as much value than my second position (Berkshire Hathaway).

So once again welcome ! I hope to see Felipe, Patrice, my son Martin (who wants to learn and is still saving 3 thousand dollars in order to open a brokerage account) and many others here since I know you guys can add a lot and make this funnier !

Have fun and let’s start !

PD: To become a good investor I think the best is to start investing, so practicing it. Simultaneously you should get educated by reading, hopefully you will not make big mistakes so try to learn from the mistakes of others instead of paying high your own ones. Here is a list of my recommended books.


About jrv

I was born in Spain and lived in Belgium, Chile, France, USA, Argentina among other places. Currently I am trying to settle down in a wild place. I am "retired", even though now I dedicate more hours "working" for my investments than I ever worked in the real labor market where I used to work in IT and Banking. I am a family man, I have a lovely wife, several sons and one step daughter. I have humble tastes, I like to stay home and read about companies and investments. I started investing at 25 before the internet bubble exploded. I did not know much about investing and liked technical analysis so my results were pretty bad. Fortunately I did not have much to lose. Some years later in 2006 bored of doing only real state investments and with quite a lot of money saved I opened an account in a cheap and excellent online broker and started again. This time I did not want to commit the same mistake, so I decided to follow a model. I heard that Warren Buffett was the best at making money via stocks so I started by reading a lot about him, all of his shareholders letters and several of the books that he recommended. I learned a lot, started applying his investing principles and reading a lot of 10K's. Digested news from lots of different sources. Basically I started buying very good and cheap companies and holding them for ever if possible and if nothing changed fundamentally. When the housing crisis started I was more than 75% cash. At that time I identified good companies at incredibly cheap prices so I invested most of my savings in stocks. In less than I year I doubled. By the second semester of 2009 I turned my software company into an investment vehicle and dedicated myself full time to it. My wife and I decided to change our lifestyle and moved from Belgium to the beach in a wild country. The goal was to keep fixed costs low in order to be able to live with a minimum 6-8% yearly return but specially to move away from the inhuman life of civilization and to have finally some peace and sunny weather to concentrate better on investing. Now I can think and study about companies 60 hours a week and I am doing great. I can finally do what I want full time and can proudly say that I have never been so happy, specially also with my just born 4th son, my other great kids and my sweet wife who supports me fully while I study most of the day and patiently wait for the opportunity to make a swing ! You can learn a bit more about my portfolio by viewing it at www.kuchita.com/view/sumo.php or you may learn more about me and my family by following the link "Author's site" from the menu above.
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13 Responses to Hello (investing) world!

  1. Martin Velasco says:

    Hi I am a young man and I would like to introduce me into the world of the investement, is there anyone who recommend me to read some book of an introduction in this wonderful bussiness ?

  2. Christian Velasco says:

    Hi Martin,
    One of the best finance books I have ever read is “Corporate Finance” by Stephen A. Ross. This book is tought from the beginning of college, all the way to finance masters degrees. It has very good exercises at the end of each chapter for begginers and also offers some chalenges for experienced profesionals. His latest editions come with CD´s of real life cases and videos. Also, it would be wise to buy the solutions manual, since Ross doesn´t put most of the solutions to his exercises in the book.

  3. Gonzalo Díaz says:

    First of all, my congratulation for you jrv, because i think this blog will be really useful for all us, specially for who are starting in the world of finance like me.
    This months i have been learning a lot of thinks with your emails and i appreciate that. I hope could contribute with interesting thinks or comments.
    Christian, i agree with you about “Corporate Finance” is a pillar book in finance study.
    Martin, if you want to star studying economy, i recomend “Principles of Economics” of Gregory Mankiw, which is a easy reading book with great examples.
    Well congratulations again and regards to everyone.

  4. jrv says:

    Martin, I strongly advise you to read this post: My favorite investing books

  5. Teresa Smith says:


    I am Teresa Smith and I am associated with many financial and community sites as their featured writer. Today when I was researching on some financial topic, I came across your site http://investing.kuchita.com too. I really enjoyed reading few articles in your site because they were very informative and interactive. I am sure that visitors will get useful,
    important and updated information regarding finance from your site.

    The presentation of your site is really good, so I was just wondering if I can write guest posts for your site too (obviously without charging you a single penny) :). I assure you that the post will be unique and 100% original. I am connected with few financial companies like Genestar Development company, Oak View Law group, community development bank or CDB etc.

    I will really appreciate if you allow me to post one of my articles in your site.

  6. jrv says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Sure, it would be very nice if you write about financial/investing topics. I actually look forward to it.

    For that you have to sign in, then once signed you can post.


  7. Hi jrv

    I just discovered you and your website today via Gurufocus . I must say I am impressed. You live the life man !

    I am sort of in the same position as you, although not 100 %. I live on a farm in a rural community in South Africa near a small town in the Western Cape province. I sold a small business about 3 years ago and started down my journey to invest my own money and hopefully make enough to live of the returns AND grow the capital to keep up with inflation. I have been investing for more than 20 years, since I finished University, but not full time like now. I also am married with 3 boys, so it is not easy. I do like the time I have to spend with the kids though. The great thing is my work hours is not limited to daylight hours !

    Anyway, I just wanted to write to you and say that I find you and your family’s life and choices inspiring. All the best of luck to you !

    Kind regards

  8. jrv says:

    Thanks Albie! I just read your blog and appreciated a lot the excerpt of Benjamin Franklin on Humility. It’s a pleasure to have contact with you, specially knowing that we are in quite a similar situation, do not doubt to tell me what your favorite company is/are I always like to share ideas. Before coming to Brasil in 2009 I went to South Africa, Cape Town, for a friends wedding, I liked it and bought a ticket to move and settle there, but plans changed when I met my wife in Belgium so I stayed there and canceled the trip, I was very close to live in SA.

    I agree that working hours are now more flexible, I also have quietness at night but in general my wife is taking care of the kids much more than me, she leaves me alone and almost does not interfere, I am quite lucky in that sense. I am now reading a very interesting book about Google, In the flex, how Google thinks …. very very good, recommended by Charlie Munger

    How is life in a rural community in your country, it sounds nice? We also live 15 km from a city in a small town. I always think about other countries. I am currently thinking about how it would be in Panama, it seems to be a nice country: good health system, safe, good education, cheap, international hub, amazing nature, culturally diversified, good internet network. So as you see we are still not sure if we will stay here in Brazil forever, it’s very nice but we always are open to even better so we keep dreaming and asking other people about how it is where they live.


  9. Olav says:

    Hi jrv,

    I came across your blog and I couldn’t help noticing a few similarities. After the recession in ’08 I also acquired large positions in WDC and Google. I already closed those positions and have my funds fully invested in commodities (silver, cotton, sugar, natural gas, and gold). Recently, just as you did, I’ve started shorting U.S. bonds (but 10 yr US bonds). Ive also shorted Italian and Spanish bonds, the Spanish index, and the Nasdaq 100.

    Im not sure if you can read Dutch (probably not) but in the case you can you might be interested in reading some articles on my blog http://www.globaliteit.nl .

    In The Netherlands, my country, I always liked Beter Bed and Accell. Maybe you should ask your wife for some more information :)
    If the next recession sets in, which I expect will be very soon, I might pick up some bargains again in stocks. My guess is that with rising fuel costs Accell (a bicyclical company) might be a good pick.

    Where do you guys live? A while ago I was in Porto Seguro, Bahia. I like Brazil a lot. How do you find living in Bahia? Im moving to Madrid in a couple of months but after that Im also looking for a nice place to live.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Ill keep reading your blog.


  10. jrv says:

    Hi Olav,

    We live very close to Porto Seguro! Just around 50 Km to the north, in Olivenca, 17Km south of Ilheus, on the coast. After 10 years of living in Belgium I learned Dutch, it was not easy it took me almost 5 to start speaking it more or less well ! So I will go right away to your blog and read a few posts. Thanks for the tips about the stocks, it can always come handy to know.

    Living in Bahia is very nice, at least for me, as long as you like a quiet life, nature, beach, nice people etc, but if you like museums or opera then it’s not so nice. Its difficult to say it really depends on the character, I love it, my kids too, my wife likes it and my daughter does not.

    Treasury bonds are starting to look interesting I am hoping to have the opportunity to start shorting more soon.

    PD: How can you short or buy Spanish or Italian bonds, what instrument and broker do you use for that?


  11. Omydee says:

    Hello jrv,

    It’s reassuringly fresh to read of someone who took exactly the same step as i did 7 months ago and is living exactly the same lifestyle as i am doing now. I am having a blast!!! I retired 2 months away from my 40th birthday mid-December 2010 and now “work” ( i.e. invest) from home. I am based in Lagos, Nigeria and all my investments are presently local on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, which has been throwing up some amazing bargains. So i am not about to look out soon–though i plan on doing that in about 3 years time.

    I will straigtaway sign-on to your blog to keep track of happenings here. Thanks for putting this site up! It will act as a window with which to launch myself into foreign markets once i am ready for that leap.

  12. jrv says:

    Hello Omydee,

    I am glad to hear your story! It’s great to have contact with an African investor to share with, several times have I heard that the biggest growth is coming from Africa, not only in some of the companies I follow (Wal-Mart and Roche are examples) but also I have been hearing it from hedge fund managers. What is one of the best companies to invest in Nigeria? Hopefully a big one, so that it can be bought via some exchange in the USA.

    Wish you very good in your investments (and new life) !


  13. omydee says:

    Hello jrv,
    I am not sure if any Nigerian company is listed on any US Stock Exchange—except, probably, United Bank for Africa (UBA), which I think has a listing via a GDR on one of the US stock exchanges. (However, i know Guaranty Trust Bank and Diamond Bank are listed on the London Stock Exchange via GDRs.) This Bloomberg link http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/companies/country/nigeria/ shows all the listing of the Nigerian stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and their real time trading data streamed on Bloomberg service. You can use this to cross-check with the US Exchange listings if you can find any.


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